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  • Exceptional team service
  • Chili's  Guest
  • Lake Mary, FL

I have been visiting this Chili's for five years now and this is the first time I have brought in a large party (our children's soccer team was celebrating victory). Because of the service we received from our waitress, Jennifer, we will be coming back to see her again. Jennifer and her partner, Jessy both served us and made sure all of our needs were met and made this trip very memorable. The manager Ally even took time to stop and talk to us about her interest in soccer as well. We felt more than welcome and we will be returning to this location, not only because of the food but because of the exceptional service your team provided.

  • Playing 'peek-a-boo'
  • Chili's  Guest
  • Marble Falls, TX

On a Sunday afternoon, my family of six plus an infant went to Chili’s for lunch. We were told that there would be an approximate wait of 25 to 30 minutes for a table to open that would accommodate us. After about a 10 minute wait, the ‘To-Go’ team member began to play ‘peek-a-boo’ with my 2-year old daughter. She was very sweet. She offered us drinks while we waited for a table, and kindly reassured us that we would be seated as soon as a table was available. Fifteen minutes or so had gone by when she cheerfully cleaned a table for us. Throughout the visit, she gladly helped the waitress refill our drinks and helped deliver our food order. My family and I want to thank her for her attention and joyful energy. This young woman was the highlight of my daughter’s day. She clearly needs to be thanked for her hard work. Our server was also very attentive. We will definitely visit Chili’s again!

  • Appreciation for those at work
  • Chili's  Guest
  • Irving, TX

My friends and I recently dined at the Irving location. One of the people in our party had her service dog with her, and your team was extremely accommodating. Not only did they find us an area to sit where her large dog could rest comfortably, but they also made sure the dog received the same treatment as the rest of the guests, bringing him a bowl of water and a tasty treat. Most restaurants typically accept the fact that a working animal is there, but it's incredibly rare when they go out of their way to acknowledge the importance of the wonderful service these dogs perform.

  • Happy kids, happy parents
  • Chili's  Guest
  • Spring, TX

We were having one of those days. My family came in for dinner. Our children were getting hungry and rowdy, so we decided to order their meals with our appetizers. Our entrees were taking longer than expected so the manager brought some fries for the kids to munch on while my husband and I enjoyed our meal. The manager and our server turned things around and made our visit a pleasant and memorable one. They even boxed our desserts so we could enjoy them at home. We had excellent service all around. We will definitely return and will recommend Chili’s to all our friends and associates.

  • Which chicken sandwich?
  • Chili's  Guest
  • So. Colorado Springs, CO

I just wanted to take the opportunity to point out the great hospitality I received at your restaurant in Colorado Springs. I mistakenly ordered a Grilled Chicken Sandwich instead of the Guiltless Grilled Chicken Sandwich. When I told the server who brought out the food, she said they would take care of it. The manager came over to apologize, even though it was not our server’s fault, and the correct meal was delivered quickly. During this mix-up, our server, who was taking care of a large table next to ours, was still able to serve us well. I was also impressed that the manager was actively involved in providing customer service. I saw her visiting other tables and helping out where needed. But the fact that I dealt with three employees and none of them had an "attitude" about the order mix-up was quite refreshing. Please pass along my thanks to the staff at this location.

  • Serenading the public for a cause
  • Chili's  Guest
  • Frisco, TX

“I want to share my great experience at Chili’s in Frisco. The food and service were great but the highlight of evening was Travis. Travis played his guitar and sang to the dining crowd. He volunteered his time and talent to raise donations for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. His guitar case was opened for donations. Guests were cheering him on. I applaud Travis and the team at this location for this great display of compassion and community.”

  • Hospitality away from home
  • Chili's  Guest
  • Kissimmee, FL

"I visited your restaurant while on vacation with my family. (A very nice restaurant.) We were greeted at the door and were seated. Our server's name was Ken and he greeted us with a friendly and outgoing attitude. He offered the new value meal - 3-Course meal for two for $20 and he answered all the questions I posed to him. Ken was a very good server, even when he had eight to nine tables to serve and a party of 15 to 20 people; Ken did an outstanding job. I have never seen such a good server like Ken that could handle all of those tables and still have such a friendly and outgoing attitude and not appear stressed out. Our food was good and hot, and we never had to wait for refills on our drinks. Overall, Ken is an outstanding server!"

  • Lunch for Two
  • Chili's  Guest
  • Mansfield, TX

"My daughter and I had lunch at the Mansfield Chili's location. I spoke with the manager, but also wanted the corporate office to know about our server. Courtney was without a doubt one of the best servers I've encountered in a long time. She was very friendly and welcomed guests. Courtney was very knowledgeable of the menu and made great suggestions for lunch. She was able to interact with all ages from two years old and up, and she found something of interest to discuss with customers, making them feel like they were her only guests. We observed her waiting on others and she was just beyond great. Courtney did get our order perfect; it was out on time and hot. Courtney kept our iced tea glasses filled, which is a necessity in 100-degree weather."

  • Where we first met
  • Chili's  Guest
  • Gainesville, FL

"Chili's is where I first met my girlfriend, and I wanted to take her back there to propose. I went to the restaurant a week before my proposal announcement and spoke with managers Todd and Sean. I had an idea in my mind of how I wanted everything to look and everything I said, both managers, kept saying 'no problem' - it was amazing. Their excitement was evident because all the team members at the restaurant knew, but of course, kept it a secret for me. The whole set-up worked perfectly and to top it all off they picked up the bill for our dinners, as they were honored I had included them in the memorable night. It was awesome of them to do that...completely amazing. Managers Todd and Sean made the night as memorable as I could have imagined it. I would have never thought everything would have worked out so great but Todd and Sean made it even better.”

  • Is the Doctor in?
  • Chili's  Guest
  • North Plainfield, IL

"As a pharmaceutical representative, I host To Go orders for doctor's offices so that my clients and I can sit down and talk. This was my first time using Chili's. I met Nick, the Manager, at the front door of the restaurant. He greeted me warmly, and we sat down at the bar to go over the menu. Nick was very knowledgeable about the menu and showed me the party platters and all the wonderful options Chili's has to order. He was patient with me and went step-by-step through the ordering process. Nick suggested several different party platters and I took him up on some of them. He was just a great guy. By the time we finished, it had been a good 45 minutes he’d spent with me. I asked Nick if he would deliver the platters to the doctor's office and he said yes. Nick went above and beyond as he delivered the food 15 minutes early before the meeting and set up the food while I met with the doctor. I will definitely use Chili's many, many times again. I want to say 'thank you' to Chili's and to Nick. Where does one get customer service like that? That says a lot about a company."

  • Above and beyond the call of duty
  • Maggiano's  Guest
  • Hackensack, NJ

"I am writing to commend the superior service that I received while dining at Maggiano’s. Your waiter, Robert, was friendly, professional and hospitable throughout our visit to the restaurant. This server made my party feel special by frequently checking to ensure that we were satisfied—Robert regularly asked how our food was, poured water and offered to provide us with anything else that we might need during our visit.  More importantly, Robert went above and beyond the call of duty by making entrée suggestions upon request and by taking the time to thoroughly describe a number of dishes on the menu.  Such quality service defines how Maggiano’s employees, specifically Robert, care about customer opinions and satisfaction.  As a result of his hard work, I intend to return to the restaurant in the near future and will highly recommend Maggiano’s to friends, family and co-workers. Please extend my gratitude to Robert for an excellent dining experience."

  • Chili’s takes care of each other like family
  • Chili's  Guest
  • Capitola, CA

"In appreciation of a local business for their continued support and dedication to our family, we would like to thank Chili’s of Capitola. Nearly a year ago, a special man and an employee of Chili’s was taken from our lives. Jeff, the general manager, as well as other staff members at Chili’s have continued to be a support network to our family. Their warm words and heartfelt actions have shown us that Chili’s is an organization that treats its employees as family. It is this outward display of thoughtfulness that has helped our family through a very difficult time."

  • Bon Appetit
  • Maggiano's  Guest
  • Denver, CO

I live in France, but while visiting my son in Denver, I stopped by accident at your wonderful restaurant in Denver while visiting my son. I have lived and travelled throughout the world but have never had such delicious food or excellent service. Denise was our server and she was phenomenal. I live in France, yes Paris, yet I have never been at a restaurant here that can compare with your great food and great service and price. Can’t you move to France...please? Also, the music was wonderful; Frank Sinatra was my late husband’s favorite. I cried during dinner with my son because it was so New Yorkish and felt my husband sent us there just so we could feel his heart. He was a New Yorker too. Thank you for a wonderful, unforgettable experience. My son and I loved it. God Bless you and your great food with gratitude from France.

  • A step in the right direction
  • Chili's  Guest
  • Apex, NC

"I just want to tell you about the amazing staff at your Chili’s location in Apex, N.C. My family often eats at this location, and the staff always stops by our table to talk to us. My son is in a wheelchair. He had an operation that resulted in a cast to be placed on both his legs. One of the managers came by and asked us why my son’s legs were in casts. We told him that the operation was a step to enable him to walk. One evening we came in for dinner and a manager told us that the staff wanted to buy our son his first pair of tennis shoes after his casts were removed, so that he would know that the entire staff was rooting for him to be able to walk. We came in to the restaurant after his casts were removed. That evening, the staff brought out a pair of new tennis shoes, just as promised. Just so my daughter wouldn’t feel left out by not receiving a gift, the staff brought her a dessert. I can’t even put into words how my husband and I felt by the gracious staff at Chili’s. You just don’t find people like that everyday."

  • A much needed distraction
  • Chili's  Guest
  • Bristol, CT

"I dined at your location recently and wanted to express my experience with our server, Tina. Not only was our service spectacular, but she went above and beyond the call of duty. She came to our table where three, rowdy children were strapped in high chairs and booster seats. She not only provided great service to the adults at the table, she was interactive with the children, keeping them occupied, during our most trying times. She provided them with crayons, coloring sheets and lots of fun conversation to keep their attention. Going out to eat with children is not always a pleasant experience, because of their extremely short attention spans, but our server seemed to understand this, as each time she passed our table, she would smile or help us divert their attention to something new, so we could eat our meals. I will definitely come back to the Bristol Chili’s because of the superb service we received that night."

  • A small thank you from Chili's to the troops
  • Chili's  Guest
  • Grapevine, TX

I would like to thank the staff at Chili’s in Grapevine. Our nephew, who is in the Army, had a short layover on his way home from Iraq to California for his 18-day leave. The rest of our family met him at the airport and we took him to Chili’s to eat.

When the bill arrived, it included a substantial discount because our nephew was in uniform. What a wonderful gesture from Chili’s - giving this young man a hefty dose of Texas hospitality for his first time on American soil in nearly one year.

  • Hold the phone
  • Chili's  Guest
  • Allentown, PA

“I just want to commend your staff on making our visit pleasurable. Everyone, from the host to our server, was very friendly and helpful. Most of all, I wanted to make sure you are aware of something that really impressed my wife and I. As I was putting on my coat, I must have dropped my mobile phone. Not realizing this, we walked to our car. As we were about to get in, one of your employees (I believe his name was Peter) ran out to my car and handed me my phone. It saved me from a lot of stress figuring out where I lost it. He should definitely be commended for his act of kindness.”

  • Feels like I’m coming home for dinner
  • Maggiano's  Guest
  • Boca Raton, FL

“I am writing to absolutely commend Ahrich, General Manager, on his uncompromised ability to make me feel like I’m ‘coming home’ for dinner or lunch each and every time I am at the restaurant. As a business owner, I strive for excellence in service, products and customer satisfaction. Ahrich manages to accomplish this every time. He should be commended for his excellence as a representative of Maggiano’s. For me, there is no substitute.”

  • Paulo, the crazy Brazilian
  • Maggiano's  Guest
  • Boston, MA

“I’ve been to this Maggiano’s before and the food is always amazing. This last visit, I’m happy to say the food was still amazing, although, what made this visit more enjoyable was the waiter, Paulo, ‘the crazy Brazilian.’ He was entertaining and made us feel like he was genuinely interested in us enjoying ourselves and our meals. Good food and good service go hand in hand in enjoying a dinner out, and this last visit proved that 100%. Paulo should be considered an asset to Maggiano’s. I know I’ll definitely be back for more meals.”

  • Try some of this
  • Maggiano's  Guest
  • Bellevue, WA

A couple of guests were about to order a drink when their server, Christopher, shared his knowledge about wine and beer and offered his recommendations based on their preferences. Even though the guests ordered something else, Christopher brought samples of another wine. The guests found this to be extremely hospitable, especially considering the restaurant was quite busy at the time. The service was so impressive that these guests both vowed to recommend Maggiano’s to all of their family and friends.

  • Mother-in-law trouble
  • Chili's  Guest
  • El Paso (Airway), TX

“We were in El Paso for a family emergency. My mother-in-law had fallen down some stairs on vacation and was transferred to the El Paso trauma center. We were exhausted and came to Chili’s to grab a quick bite to eat. Mark, our server, was great. He asked how we were doing and we told him our story and he made us feel welcome. We swapped some stories and he made us feel like we were at our hometown Chili’s in Dallas. We greatly appreciate the kindness he showed towards our family. Please let his manager know he has an awesome employee.”

  • Stoney the wedding planner
  • Maggiano's  Guest
  • Houston, TX

A server with an unconventional name left his mark on a particular couple, in fact, he was even responsible for a wedding decision:

“Our server, Stoney, was amazing. We told him that this was our first time dining at Maggiano’s and that we were considering it as the location for our wedding. He talked about the food with us, and made sure we understood everything. He made us feel so welcome that we now know for sure we want our wedding here, and we want to specifically request Stoney to take care of us on our special day. He went above and beyond and we were blown away by how thoughtful, quick, and responsive he was.”

  • Best server ever
  • Maggiano's  Guest
  • San Jose, CA

“From the moment we walked in, the hostess greeted us warmly. I made the reservation on and noted that it was a birthday celebration. We were escorted to one of the best booths in the restaurant. Our server, David, was probably the best server who has ever waited on me. He remembered all of our names and took every opportunity to make sure we were enjoying the meal. It was quite impressive. The food was incomparable and we left completely full and very happy with the dining experience. We all commented that we will be back very soon.”

  • Memories not forgotten
  • Maggiano's  Guest
  • Beachwood, OH

A couple who was recently engaged at Maggiano’s returned for the first time since their engagement. Much to their surprise, the couple was enthusiastically greeted by all of the servers and managers who had remembered them from that special night. The teammates again offered their congratulations and treated them to a complimentary dessert. The couple summed up this experience at Maggiano’s as one that will keep them visiting for years to come.

  • Father to son
  • Chili's  Guest
  • Temecula, CA

“I came into Chili’s after a very tough morning. I was in town visiting my dying father and the two of us went out to eat together. I told Alex, the greeter I needed a good dining experience. The manager and all the team members made sure that was the case. They helped ease a very tough day and warmed a broken heart. It was the last time I dined out with my father. I will be forever grateful for their kindness and concern. My dad was recently admitted to a hospice and doesn’t eat much at times. Tracy gave us a free dessert. My dad loved it and it was good to see him get food into his stomach. I sent Tracy a thank you card but the staff will never really know how much they saved me when all was falling apart around me – including myself. I cried the whole lunch because of everything. They were sensitive and attentive. Thank you did not seem enough – My Heroes!”

  • A server who makes a difference
  • Chili's  Guest
  • Frisco, TX

“We had a great visit at your Frisco location. Teri is the most wonderful server. I have never met a server quite like her. I go there once or twice a week just to see her. She treats my son like he is the king of the world. She even remembers my favorite order whenever I come in. She is just awesome. I have been very sick for the last four years and there are many days when Teri's smile and compassion are just what I need to lift my spirits.”

  • An unexpected dining experience
  • Chili's  Guest
  • Branson, MO

“I just wanted to tell you about a great experience I had. I was traveling back to St. Louis from a canoe trip in Arkansas and stopped for dinner at your restaurant. I was expecting normal service, meaning just to get in and out and keep going. But what I found was superior service and attention to detail that I have not experienced in a restaurant for years. Being a server in college I know what goes on in a restaurant and how the end of the day can be challenging. I was one of the last customers and your bartender Drew was more than a good server, he provided “WOW” customer service. I could tell he was shutting the bar down, but he paid attention to what I was doing, the level of my tea, and was more polite than was even needed for me to have a good experience.”

  • Would you like some milk for your cat?
  • Chili's  Guest
  • Manchester, NH

“I went to Chili’s today with my four year old daughter, mother and mother-in-law. We had just come from a play at the Palace and were looking forward to a nice lunch. Well, were we in for a treat! Our server, Brian, came to the table while I was in the bathroom with my daughter. He must have noticed her stuffed cat she left on the table because when he came back with our drinks, he brought a tiny dish of milk for the cat. At first my daughter was confused, but when she realized what he had done, she blushed and then made Marie, the cat, drink from the bowl. It was hilarious and adorable! We eat out frequently, and often at Chili’s, but had never had a waiter pay such special attention to my daughter like Brian did today. My daughter could not wait to come home and tell her dad all about Marie’s special meal. His gesture to make one little girl smile made us all smile and really helped complete our special outing.”

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