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  • Lessons for life
  • Chili's  Guest
  • Carrollton, TX

During a busy lunch hour, two teachers and I went to Chili’s for lunch as part of a field trip with 10 teenagers afflicted with autism and other developmental challenges. The lesson for our field trip was to order from a menu and practice our social skills. Our students can be difficult to understand and sometimes overwhelming. The team members and manager were awesome! Our server was very patient with our students and always had a smile. We were very impressed with the service and friendly attitude. Your manager also gave our students Pepper Awards and donated a few for the special education students who were not able to attend. We are definitely going to spread the word that Chili’s is the best!

  • Doing the right thing
  • Michael
  • Chili's  Guest
  • Santa Ana, CA

As someone that has worked with both special needs adults and children over the past ten years I find it refreshing that your restaurants have been open enough to the idea of employing clients with special needs. What may seem like a minimal job to you and I goes a long way in their quest for an opportunity to work. Every time I enter one of your restaurants and ask to speak with a manager and I explain what I am doing the answer is always the same, "we already have a group that we work with", and I think that is great! Would I like it to be our company? Sure, but that's not as important as giving someone a chance and for that I applaud you. Many times I enter other restaurants and the manager is interested, but the word comes down from HR that they are not going to be able to help. So as a member of Goodwill Industries of Orange County, I want to acknowledge your company for doing the right thing. Please make sure to keep up the great service you are providing.

  • Lost and Found
  • Chili's  Guest
  • Layton, UT

I never take my jewelry off, so when I couldn't find my wedding rings (engagement ring and wedding band) I didn’t think they might be at your restaurant. Finally, after exhausting all other avenues, I decided to call. I had been sick about losing something so precious to me. It had been more than two months, but I thought I would give it a shot. I realized if I had left the rings at your restaurant, someone may have just picked them up and kept them. To my surprise and delight and they were in the safe. I couldn't believe it! I still almost cry when I think about it. I couldn’t have been happier than when they handed me my rings. You have an amazing team. Thank you

  • Two gifts in one
  • Chili's  Guest
  • Austin, TX

Your manager, Addie, was such a sweetheart to my sister and me at lunch the other day. My sister received a gift card from one of her students at Christmas, and for whatever reason, the card wasn't activated properly. Addie came out to explain the situation to us and told us our lunch was taken care of and gave my sister gift certificates for the amount that should have been on the card. We were totally impressed with her kindness and the complete professionalism she extended to us. You have a complete gem in this manager and she is a bright shining beacon for your organization.

  • Back to school
  • Chili's  Guest
  • San Antonio, TX

Your manager Shannon is to be commended for her support of Claudia Taylor "Lady Bird" Johnson High School. She supplied a wonderful meal for our PTA volunteers to enjoy during our school "prep days.” Our volunteers and office staff enjoyed the salads with much to spare. Shannon never hesitated when asked to support our school with this donation. We look forward to a continued partnership with Chili's and will encourage all of our community to support this location.

  • Like one of the family
  • Former Chili's Team Member
  • Chili's  Team Member
  • Rochester, NY

I would like to say thank you for everything your corporation has brought to my life. I was previously employed as a server at Chili's, and while a part of the Chili’s team they always treated team members, as well as guests, like family. I was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer and it was necessary for me to quit my job. The team members from the restaurant raised more than $2,500 through a foundation in my name. I have lost a lot since leaving my job, but am very grateful to them for going out of their way to help. I would like to relay my sincere gratitude to Chili's for the way they treat not only their guests, but team members as well. I only worked for your company for nine months, but I enjoyed being a part of it for the short time that I was able. Once again, thank you!

  • Maggiano’s team is said to be a saving grace
  • Maggiano's  Guest
  • St. Louis, MO

On Friday St. Louis Manager Libby spoke to a table of first time Maggiano’s guests. As with all first time guests, Libby wanted to touch them and thank them for coming in. The couple opened up and said they were currently staying in St. Louis at the Ronald McDonald House while their nine month old son, Manning, waited for a new heart to replace the deficient heart he was born with. The St. Louis Team bought their meal and sent them out the door with promises of many return visits to Maggiano’s with great comfort food. The next morning, the couple called to tell the team a heart had been found for Manning and he would be transferred to Barnes Jewish Children’s Hospital for surgery that evening! The couple credit Maggiano’s as being their savior because of our best wishes and healing prayers. On Sunday, Manning’s parents called to inform the team that Manning had responded well to the transplant! On Monday evening, the couple returned to Maggiano’s for a meal and to share some photos of Manning. The entire St. Louis team has become emotionally tied with this family, and have ordered Manning a Maggiano’s blanket and pajamas to remind this small family that they will always be in our hopes and prayers.

  • A Cinderella dream come true
  • Maggiano's  Guest
  • Nashville, TN

The Nashville Maggiano’s team hosted Make-A-Wish child Barrett and her family for a send-off dinner to celebrate her wish coming true – a trip to Disney World to become a Disney princess for a day. Barrett will travel to Disney World in May with her family on an all-expenses paid trip. For the farewell celebration, Maggiano’s teammate, Christina, dressed up just like Cinderella to serve the party which was complete with a Cinderella cake and balloons. The Nashville team also gave Barrett a gift bag filled with all the things a princess needs. It was so great for our Teammates to finally meet Barrett and give her an exciting send-off to Disney World!

  • Giving by design
  • Restaurant Support Center  Team Member
  • Dallas, TX

For the second consecutive year, Brinker’s design department has collaborated with the School of Architecture and Interior Design at the University of Texas at Arlington to participate in a design project for Chili’s Grill & Bar. Students enrolled in the Architecture Design Studio class developed several innovative restaurant prototypes utilizing new materials and creative building methodologies for Chili’s NOW, a project that was designed as a to-go only Chili's. In consideration for all their hard work, the design team donated a contribution to the School of Architecture and Interior Design. The students graciously accepted the donation and built a lighting laboratory and purchased a state-of-the-art 3-dimensional printer. Thanks to Rick McCaffery, Vice President of Architecture and Design, Kevin Falconer, Director of Design, and the entire Design department for Giving Back in our community and contributing to the advancement of aspiring architects!

  • Anything for family
  • Restaurant Support Center  Team Member
  • Dallas, TX

The Brinker Restaurant Support Center has a reputation for working hard and playing hard. Several departments recently hosted a field day to blow off some steam and raise money for the Brinker Family Fund (BFF). The BFF is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization funded by employees and outside donations. The Fund assists employees in catastrophic or emergency situations such as a serious illness, natural disaster or death with living expenses such as rent, water and groceries. The field day included classic events such as a sack race, balloon toss, tug-o-war, four-legged race and a toilet race. Teams, formed from various Restaurant Support Center departments, faced off against each other in friendly, but heated competition. Employees were nominated to sit in a dunking booth by making donations to the Brinker Family Fund, raising an impressive $4,165.00.

  • Introducing Princess Ella
  • Maggiano's  Guest
  • Minneapolis, MN

The Maggiano’s Minneapolis team hosted their Make-A-Wish child, Ella, last week and the team wanted her to feel really special. Ella loves Disney Princesses, so they decorated one of the banquet rooms like a castle and gave Ella a Princess dress, shoes, crown and wand. She changed into it immediately and loved the room and decorations so much, she asked her Mom if they could all spend the night and sleep on the sofa. Ella also loves her dog Zoë, so the team got her a “puppy present basket” with goodies for her dog. Maggiano’s neighbors helped the team support her cause as well. The Mall of America gave her four free passes to Nickelodeon amusement park, four free passes to Underwater Adventure and Free Movie passes. Best Buy also discounted a portable DVD player so Ella can watch all her favorite Disney Princess movies.

  • I’d like to speak with the Chef
  • Maggiano's  Guest
  • Denver, CO

The Maggiano’s Denver team recently hosted their Make-A-Wish (MAW) child, Austin. Austin wanted to meet Rachel Ray, but Rachel wasn’t available at that time. MAW wanted to do something special for her, so Austin and her family came into Maggiano's. Shon, Maggiano’s sous chef, gave Austin a special personal tour of the kitchen, had her work on some prep and gave her his business card (which entitles her to VIP status, as in "I'd like to speak with the Chef"). The team also gave Austin her very own embroidered chef coat. She had such a great time that she said she no longer needed to meet Rachel Ray - she'd already met Shon!

  • Star soccer player
  • Maggiano's  Guest
  • Denver, CO

Maggiano’s Teammates in Denver discovered that one of their Make-A-Wish children, Christian, is an avid soccer fan and player. The restaurant sponsors a Maggiano's soccer team, so they shared Christian’s story with the team. A couple of the players were really inspired by Christian, and invited him to play with the team during their last game of the season. Christian was treated like a star when he received an official team jersey and shorts, and a soccer ball signed by all the players. He played the first half of the game and even took two penalty shots! He had a great time, and the entire team was so proud to have him there.

  • Making connections in the community
  • Restaurant Support Center  Team Member
  • Dallas, TX

The PeopleServices department at Brinker formed a group to help build relationships throughout the team and the community. Recently the group Gave Back at the Meadows Health & Rehabilitation Center – a rehabilitation and health care facility that provides 24-hour nursing care – in Dallas on Wednesday, April 2. They led games like Bingo, Hangman and Poker for the residents as well as distributing prizes and gift bags. The team also took pictures of the residents playing games or with their favorite nurse and printed and framed the pictures for the residents. While the games were going on inside, the other half of the team was planting donated spring flowers outside to enhance the visitors’ patio and front entrance of the center. “We were really excited by the feedback we got from the department when we returned. Some members of the team had never been exposed to nursing home facilities and were truly touched and even found themselves being able to reach out to the residents in ways that surprised even themselves,” said Debra Rhoads, Relocation Coordinator. “It was great to see everyone bouncing around work the next day. There was a good feeling among the team for having gone out into the community and given back to those who were so longing for that real human connection. In giving back, we were truly the ones who received so much!”

  • Here’s looking at you, kid
  • Chili's  Guest
  • Blaine, MN

“Cassie, from Chili’s in Blaine, was perfect in every way. She recognized that we had two small children and gave them things to keep them occupied. Our food came out quickly and she did not set the hot plates directly in front of our children, as most servers do. She promptly ran our credit card when she noticed I had taken it out while eating our dinner (I like to pay early in case the kids force us to make a quick getaway). Cassie actually made ‘eating out with children’ a pleasant experience. We will definitely be going back and will request that Cassie be our server.”

  • The girl can’t help it
  • Chili's  Guest
  • Boardman, OH

“My daughter who is 15 has recently developed an allergy to preservatives and Chili’s is the only restaurant in two months of looking that we’ve found where she can eat. The staff was amazing in accommodating her. The managers Corey and Hank and our server Stephanie made my daughter feel welcomed and like it was not trouble at all accommodating her. Stephanie brought out the container of butter so I could check the ingredients. I called five other restaurants in the area and none of them were very helpful. I am so grateful we found a nice restaurant with good food that my daughter can go to. Thank you.”

  • A night to remember
  • Maggiano's  Guest
  • Philadelphia, PA

A mother who had recently lost her 16 year-old son to brain cancer took her friends out to dinner to thank them for all that they did during that trying time. Their server, Shawn, noticed that this night out had a special meaning to the group, and he was especially mindful of the situation. He proceeded to serve this table to the best of his ability and the table rarely had to ask for anything because it was already taken care of. The mother wanted to take the time and thank Shawn for this special dining experience.

  • A T-shirt to go
  • Chili's  Guest
  • Harrisburg, PA

“Each week my co-workers and I call Chili’s for lunch. I have never had a bad experience while there. The service is always outstanding, the food exactly how ordered, and always ready when they say it will be. Today, when I went in, Danielle was working at the To Go window. Every time she is there she is cute and bubbly and greets you with a smile. I happened to mention how cute I thought their new shirts were and she excused herself. She came back with the manager Jeff and a T-shirt for me. I was so excited. You just cannot find good customer service anymore. Danielle said she recognized me as a frequent visitor and liked to make sure all her customers walked away happy. Jeff was wonderful as well, he came out and introduced himself and chatted with me for a few minutes. I know this is hard to do, especially over the lunch rush. It really is the little things that count and this group goes above and beyond the call of duty.”

  • Making the baby happy
  • Chili's  Guest
  • Oklahoma City, OK

“Thank you for an excellent experience and please accept our compliments toward one of the servers at Chili's. We arrived at 1:30p.m. - three adults and a one-year-old, after spending 30 minutes at another restaurant next door during which time no server found his way to our table. Frustrated, hungry, and packing a progressively more fussy baby, we weren't in much of a good mood. But our server countered that with his excellent service, jovial attitude and his willingness to help by bringing an array of things to please the baby - which ultimately worked. We spent $43.82, contributed $5 to St. Jude's, and tipped our server generously. He salvaged what started out as a disaster. I can only hope the team members I supervise are as attentive to guest needs.”

  • An exemplary team member
  • Chili's  Guest
  • Gilroy, CA

“Recently, my family and I stopped at Chili’s south of San Francisco. Your host was a young man in a wheel chair. He was missing his arms and legs. My family and I were incredibly impressed with his professional demeanor. We also noticed how you made provisions in floor space to accommodate his employment. Kudos to your hiring policy and your company. I state these thoughts because in today’s world I have very little loyalty and patience with corporations and businesses in general. So when I see a company that consistently performs and sets examples of how things should be in the world, I give them my complete loyalty and patronage. You are a rare breed.”

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